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    After rolling out the service in a pilot recently, Apple recently made iTunes Pass available at Apple Stores across the US and Australia, allowing customers to recharge their iTunes account balance in store via a Passbook card. As noted on Apple’s respective US and Australian webpages concerning iTunes gift cards, customers in those countries can now use iTunes Pass to refill their iTunes account balance at brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. The iTunes Pass Program first debuted in Japan earlier this week.

    The Cupertino California company’s new iTunes Pass service is a Passbook-based system in which customers can add funds to a digital iTunes card by paying an Apple specialist in person, rather than using a credit card or buying and scanning iTunes gift cards. The procedure is a reversal of normal Passbook operation, which has customers refill an account balance tied to Passbook card that can then be used for redemption at participating businesses.

    Much like the Japan rollout, Apple notes “iTunes Pass is not available in Brazil, China and Turkey,” suggesting that the company is looking to introduce the feature to these countries in the near future.

    Source: Apple (iTunes)

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    2014-07-17 07:47 AM
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    i don't understand the convenience of this. instead of going to just about any local store and buying an iTunes gift card... now I have the option of driving many miles to an Apple store to give them some money and then go thru some similar (albeit different) process of scanning in a gift card?

    for those people that do not want to tie a credit card to their iTunes account... perhaps Apple should take a hint from Sony and allow folks to digitally purchase a set amount of credit and refill when needed... all from the comfort of their own couch.
    2014-07-17 11:36 PM