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    Apple recently released a preview of iTunes 12 sporting what the company calls an “elegant new design” and support for the Family Sharing feature introduced at WWDC. The new design echoes the flatter, more translucent cues of OS X Yosemite and features a number of more information-dense elements. The navigation bar, for instance, has been reorganized with individual buttons for Music, Movies, Television Shows, and Apps while hiding other less-used options behing a “more content” menu.

    The toggle to switch between the iTunes store and the local library is also gone. Instead, users simply choose from a list of options, the App section grants users the ability to choose “My iPhone Apps,” “My iPad Apps,” “List,” “Updates,” or “iTunes Store,” for example. Apple’s Family Sharing program allows up to six family members to share content from the iTunes Store, as long as each family member uses the same credit card. The feature is now available alongside improved playlist and a redesigned Get Info window.

    Although the application itself has been overhauled, the iTunes Store itself, which is essentially an interactive web app that runs inside iTunes, has yet to be refreshed. The Cupertino California company will likely hold such a change until iTunes 12 is ready for production. Developers who are currently running a preview build of OS X Yosemite can download the iTunes 12 beta as an update in the Mac App Store. The application isn’t available for download from the Apple Developer Center.

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