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  1. Michael Essany's Avatar
    Despite initial interest in Amazon's long-rumored smartphone, it now appears that the real deal is failing to excite anybody in a meaningful way.

    Making matters worse, Amazon shares are dipping in response to the wider-than-expected loss of $126 million Amazon just report for Q2 of 2014. The sell-off comes even though the company saw a 23% jump in revenue.

    "The losses reflect Amazon's heavy investments in new businesses and services that some investors worry are stretching the Seattle company too thin," the WSJ reports. "This year it has released an array of new offerings including a hand-held grocery-ordering device, unlimited e-book rental and streaming services, and its first set-top box and smartphone."

    Although interest in the Fire Phone doesn't appear solid enough at this time to rock the boat and upend Apple and Samsung as the world's top smartphone makers, Amazon is moving full steam ahead with the product. And if the company's track record on tablets is any indication, the Fire Phone may very well go on to prove wrong its biggest doubters today.

    For now, unfortunately, Amazon has to wrestle with a 10% stock dip and increasingly pessimistic market expectations.

    Source: WSJ
    2014-07-25 10:06 PM
  2. steve-z17's Avatar
    Their new phone has a lot of gimmicks that may look cool but in reality not very useful. I like that they've done their own version of Android though, it looks pretty good.
    2014-07-26 07:19 AM