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    Apple recently filed a motion asking to dismiss its cross-appeal of Judge Lucy Koh’s final judgment in the patent trial against Korean-based company, Samsung. What does this mean exactly? It means that the Cupertino California company will no longer be looking for a product ban in this particular case.

    The move is quite big as the Cupertino California company is effectively dismissing going after a permanent injunction for 23 Samsung devices, which the company was hoping to achieve before. For those of you who didn’t know already, Apple’s bid for a sales ban had been denied twice before in the same case. Apple came close to success in arguing a partial appeal before the idea was shot down. Subsequently, the counsel from Samsung agreed with Apple’s decision to drop its cross appeal of the patent trial’s final judgment. The South Korean tech giant on the other hand is set to continue with its own appeal of Judge Koh’s final judgment. They will be looking for a reversal of the jury’s findings for the case.

    All said and done, the ongoing legal battle between the two will likely continue for quite some time. While Samsung tries to have the original jury verdict overturned, Apple continues to seek injunctions against some devices from the second trial which took place earlier this year.

    Source: FOSS Patents

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    2014-07-29 08:31 PM