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    The Cupertino California company recently rereleased the MacBook Air EFI update which targeted sleep-from-wake problems. For those of you who didn’t know, the original release was flawed as it caused several MacBook Airs to crash unexpectedly. The 43d3n5 update is given the label of version 2.9.1 as a result of the newer release.

    This should be a sigh of relief to those who were experiencing the sleep-from-wake problems and managed to hold out updating last time. Unfortunately for some who updated upon the release of version 2.9, they were met with bricked laptops after the installation process. Apple Store Genius Bar technicians ended up having to perform a “soft” SMC reset in an effort of removing the corrupted EFI build.

    As a result of the growing number of complaints, Apple pulled the update from its Support Downloads webpage. It took Apple roughly one week to sort out the issues but version 2.9.1 saw its official release today, allowing users to resolve issues with mid-2011 MacBook Airs that took longer than expected to wake from sleep and issues with fans running at full speed upon waking from sleep. Those of you interested in downloading the 4.3MB update can do so for free by hitting the source link below!

    Source: Apple (Support)

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    2014-07-31 05:51 AM