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    As rumors are going around talking about Apple’s upcoming wearable device, dubbed the iWatch, Hewlett-Packard has joined in on the idea and partnered with fashion e-commerce website Gilt and designer Michael Bastian. HP’s wearable device has a similar concept as the iWatch and is iOS and Android compatible. According to fashion blog Fashionista, the device will link with smartphones for notifications and have basic remote control functionality. Other similar smartwatches include Withings, Motorola’s unreleased Moto 360, and Pebble. However, what marks the difference between the smartwatches is that HP has partnered with Gilt and Michael Bastian to design a fashion-forward wearable device.

    Hewlett-Packard will be focusing in on the internal and technical aspect of the watch whereas Bastian will be in charge of the design and look of the watch. It has been said that Bastian had drawings that included many luxurious features. The device has also been noted to be able to control music, read push notifications and basic remote tasks. There has not yet been a set release date for the Gilt-HP-Bastian collaboration piece, but there are reports claiming the device is looking at a fall launch.

    Other smartwatches looking at a fall debut include Google’s Android Wear platform and the highly anticipated Apple iWatch. What are your thoughts on the quickly growing smartwatch market? Which one would you buy? Let us know your thoughts below.

    Source: Gilt, Fashionista
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