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    Apple is augmenting its team with some major talent from the realm of big brand social media expertise and digital marketing.

    On Monday, news emerged that Apple tapped Burberry for more than just Angela Ahrendts, who now heads up Apple's retail operations. A former social media director for Burberry, as well as Nike, is also now a part of the Apple family.

    Musa Tariq, who is regarded by many as a social media expert, is said to be Apple's new digital marketing director for retail.

    Curiously, as Mashable was quick to point out, "there is no Twitter or Facebook feed for the Apple brand itself." That reality, coupled with news of Apple's latest hire, is giving some reason to believe that social media marketing is about to accelerate in Cupertino, especially as Apple continues to shed its former media advertising tactics in favor of cutting edge digital marketing strategies.

    Source: Mashable
    2014-08-04 09:08 PM