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    On Wednesday, a new graphic shared on Apple's website takes up the issue of job creation in Europe.

    Although Apple is a digital and hardware giant like no other in the United States, its presence across the pond is equally sizable, as illustrated by new stats shared directly with the world today by Apple.

    "Throughout our history, we have created entirely new products and entirely new industries by focusing on innovation," says Apple. "This has resulted in nearly 630,000 European jobs at Apple and at developers and businesses supported by Apple."

    In addition, Apple says its App Store has created "hundreds of thousands of jobs that previously did not exist in the European economy." This reality, Apple explains, has allowed developers to "launch new companies" and rake in a reported $6.5 billion from App Store sales worldwide.

    Apple's admission comes just one day after reports surfaced confirming that July represented the App Store's most profitable month in history. Apple's developers have now been paid in excess of $20 billion since the App Store's inception.

    Source: Apple
    2014-08-06 07:47 PM