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    Recent reports claimed that Apple’s iCloud Mail service was experiencing outages. The Cupertino-based company updated their System Status Page and announced that some users were having trouble receiving mail. According to the system status page, the issue started around 12pm EDT and did not have an ETA on when it would be fully restored. The message displayed had the following:

    iCloud Mail - Some users are affected: Users may be unable to receive iCloud mail.
    The previous iCloud e-mail outage was last month and lasted more than 22 hours. But the amount of users affected by the previous outage was very minimal, it impacted .1% of users. It wasn’t long ago that Apple made changes and improved the iCloud Mail service by turning on encryption or e-mails.

    Service was restored fully over the night as Apple updated their system status page and changed their status to 'no reported issues at this time.' At least we can confirm the outage was shorter than the previous time and lasted less than 22 hours.

    Source: Apple
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    Always issues with passwords and not being able to log in.
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