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    Apple recently made its Regulated Substances Specifications available for public viewing for the first time. The move comes after the Cupertino California company’s decision to ban benzene and n-hexane from the iPhone production process. Apple VP of Environmental Initiatives, Lisa Jackson posted a letter online clarifying the company’s stance on safe working environments alongside the list of regulations. She wrote the following regarding the matter:

    Eliminating the risks from toxic substances in the products we all use has always been a passion of mine, and today it is one of our top three environmental priorities here at Apple, continue to lead the industry in this area as we are committed to keeping both people and the environment healthy. That's why we've removed many harmful substances from our product designs and go to great lengths to make sure they stay that way.
    Jackson stated that Apple will continue to invest time an effort in creating and finding innovative materials and improving the manufacturing process. She pointed towards safely-made product designs such as PVC-free power cords and mercury-free displays as examples. She continued by stating that the Cupertino California company intends to create a new advisory board to help with the initiative. The board is said to consist of chemical and pollution preventing experts who will be given the task of finding ways to minimize and eliminate toxins from the supply chain. Jackson also stated that Apple is holding meetings with several stakeholders in an effort to find the best solutions possible to help improve the conditions. She continued by writing the following regarding the matter:

    We're committed to removing toxins from our products and processes. Because everyone has the right to a safe product and a safe working environment.
    It’s good to see Apple taking the appropriate steps to improve the working conditions while remaining transparent regarding their actions.

    Source: Apple (PDF)
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