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    Samsung recently confirmed the purchase of SmartThings, extending the company’s reach into the connected world of devices that includes lights, locks, motion sensors, switches and more. According to the folks over at Re/code, Samsung paid roughly $200 million for SmartThings and will keep the company independent. This leaves CEO and founder Alex Hawkinson in charge of company operations. Hawkinson wrote the following regarding the acquisition:

    We believe that there is an enormous opportunity to leverage Samsung's global scale to help us realize our long-term vision. While we will remain operationally independent, joining forces with Samsung will enable us to support all of the leading smartphone vendors, devices, and applications; expand our base of developers and enhance the tools and programs that they rely on; and help many more people around the world easily control and monitor their homes using SmartThings.
    As part of the purchase, the home automation firm will be moving to the Samsung Open Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California. Sources are stating that Samsung plans to keep SmartThings as an open platform in an effort to allow developers and hardware makers to build onto it without being restricted to a specific operating system.

    The Cupertino California company is set to launch and debut HomeKit, it’s own framework to securely connect with and control smart home devices in the near future. The HomeKit feature is set to roll out with iOS 8, which is set to be released alongside the next-gen iPhone this fall. We’ll have to see how HomeKit and SmartThings turn out for the two competing tech giants.

    Source: SmartThings (blog) via Re/code

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    2014-08-15 06:18 AM
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    This is interesting.. I backed SmartThings when it was on Kickstarter and have been using their products for months now in my home. I hope this opens up more remote devices and lower prices.
    2014-08-15 11:33 PM