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    With Apple generating more revenue than ever on an annual basis today from its digital content offerings, it comes as little surprise that Apple is aggressively promoting digital content inside of markets where the company is yet to attain the degree of digital dominance it desires.

    According to sources across the pond, Apple is now pushing Newsstand content very aggressively in the United Kingdom. 9to5Mac has learned that in response to the Bank holiday in the United Kingdom, Apple has begun offering five Newsstand magazine issues a day at no charge.

    In hopes of sparking new reader interest, these freebies will continue through the week, ending on August 22nd. Users can now download the publications on their Mac or to their iOS devices for the bargain price of $0.

    Today's freebies, we're told, come to British readers courtesy of Glamour, T3 Magazine, The Economist, NME Magazine, and Focus Magazine.

    Source: 9to5Mac
    2014-08-18 11:43 PM