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    It was announced on Tuesday that AT&Tís GigaPower fiber Internet service will be coming to Appleís hometown, Cupertino, California in the upcoming months. This marks the first West coast location to have AT&Tís new service. It has been noted that AT&Tís Gigapower is one of the fastest Internet speeds in the country. According to Re/code, Cupertino was on the list of many other Bay Area cities the mobile company had in mind. Other cities on the list included Mountain View, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Campbell. AT&T stated:

    Specific timing, availability and pricing for the Cupertino service will be announced later.
    Currently, cities in Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston already have AT&Tís Gigabit-speed fiber. The mobile company is looking to expand to San Antonio and Houston as well as cities located in North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. Google Fiber is a direct competitor to AT&Tís GigaPower, and it's headquarters are located in Mountain View- right by Apple's headquarters. Cupertino, California is best known as Appleís headquarters and with it being the first west coast location AT&Tís GigaPower is coming to, Google definitely has some competing to do.

    Source: Re/code, AT&T

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    2014-08-21 01:14 AM