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    Apple recently rolled out what appear to be minor updates to iWork apps on both the iOS and Mac platform. The updates bring stability improvements alongside several bug fixes to the company’s multiplatform productivity suite. Apple also issued a small update for the Mac version of iMovie, which now brings iCloud compatibility improvements for iMovie Theater.

    The updates to Keynote, Numbers and Pages for iOS move the software to version 2.2.2 while the Mac iterations were bumped to 6.2.2 for Keynote, 3.2.2 for Numbers and 5.2.2 for Pages. The iWork updates can be downloaded from the iOS or Mac App Store for free as well as from Software Update. Those of you who have recently purchased a new Mac or iOS device after September 10 of last year can also grab the apps for free from their respective App Stores. Those of you who have older iOS devices, will need to spend $9.99 per app while those of you using older Macs can buy each of the apps for $19.99.

    Source: Keynote, Numbers, Pages for iOS; Keynote, Numbers, Pages for Mac; iMovie for Mac

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    2014-08-22 08:05 AM