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    Saturday, September 6th will mark Apple’s sixth retail store set to open in Georgia at 10a.m. The Cupertino-based company announced that the grand opening of the new store would be located in Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. The two-story mall currently has 100 plus restaurants and retail stores in the Cumberland district of Atlanta. Atlanta already has two other Apple retail stores located in Perimeter Mall and Lenox Square. The other three stores in Georgia are in Alpharetta, Augusta, and Buford.

    The eighth Apple Retail Store in Ohio is also undergoing construction currently, set to open at the Franklin Park Mall located in Toledo. Apple is making a lot of progress in opening stores worldwide as well as within the United States. The Cumberland Mall Apple store will be opening at 10a.m. local time on September 6th. The new store already began taking Genius Bar appointments as well as workshop reservations prior to its opening. It is likely the first few customers will also be receiving free T-shirts for arriving early.

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    2014-09-03 06:38 AM
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    And still no store on the south side. It's that damned airport!
    2014-09-04 06:51 PM