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    Next Tuesday, Apple is expected to show the world iWatch, it's long-awaited smartwatch that may shake up the world of wearables as only Apple can upon entering a new product category.

    But one of the biggest mysteries surrounding iWatch -- whether or not it will deliver NFC capabilities -- is starting to look less like a mystery and more like a sure thing. In fact, iWatch will come with Near Field Communications technology built in, effectively thrusting Apple even further into the mobile payments market than some initially anticipated.

    "Apple Inc. plans to include short-range wireless technology in its coming smartwatch," the WSJ reports today, citing people familiar with the matter. "The gadget's use of near-field communication, or NFC, reflects Apple's broader ambitions for the so-called iWatch beyond health and fitness tracking, the most commonly cited use."

    The latest clues, however, indicate that Apple will similarly bring the wireless technology too iPhone 6, "potentially simplifying the process of connecting, or pairing, the two devices."

    Unfortunately, the same knowledgeable sources say it's out of the question that Apple will be in position to ship the iWatch this year. It's just not going to happen.

    Source: WSJ
    2014-09-05 12:51 AM
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    Looks like Samsung missed that bit of info when they raced to put something on the market before apple :-D They'll be announcing it as soon as they get a chance, "oh yeah..... um our watch will have NFC". Welcome to the 64 bit club Samsung
    2014-09-05 09:55 PM