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    According to a recent report from Vanity Fair, designer Marc Newson is joining Apple under the leadership of Jony Ive. For those of you who didn’t know, Newson is a well-known industrial designer who has created a range of items for luxury retailers and even had some of his work shown off at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Both Newson and Ive have had several collaborations in the past, with one of the more recent collaborations being an aluminum desk, a Leica camera and a set of solid gold EarPods, all of which were sold at last year’s auction to benefit Product (RED). Ive said the following about Newson to the publication:

    Marc is without question one of the most influential designers of this generation. He is extraordinarily talented. We are particularly excited to formalize our collaboration as we enjoy working together so much and have found our partnership so effective.
    Newson will reportedly stay in the United Kingdom but will end up making frequent trips to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino California for various design projects.

    Ive previously commented on working with Newson stating that both of them were “fanatical” when it came to focusing on the smaller details. During the same interview, Newson went on to claim that he and Ive are both perfectionists that share many similarities when it comes to work ethics.

    Although Newson’s work at Apple is confirmed, it’s unclear which projects he will be taking on while working under Ive. We’ll have to wait to find out.

    Source: Vanity Fair

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    2014-09-07 07:20 AM