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    The Cupertino California company is reportedly set to roll out an “iWallet” loyalty program after cooperating with merchants and retailers that could be announced at the upcoming media event. The folks over at Bank Innovation are citing reports that Apple is moving to build additional partnership programs for a rumored mobile payment service and has held talks with merchants and retailers like the global hotel chain, IHG International.

    The publication continues by pointing to several corporate job postings by Apple as more evidence of a growing internal merchant relations division. The position of a marketing manager points toward the responsibility of developing “digital and physical assets, programs and training materials to deploy across external partners in the US and other regions.” One of the more notable things about the position is that it falls under the iTunes department which suggests that the rumored loyalty program will be built around the company’s digital store.

    We’ve been hearing a slew of rumors for various devices, services, features, etc. over the past few weeks. Fortunately, all of the rumors will quiet down after Apple’s forthcoming media event which is set to take place shortly. We’ll have more concrete evidence about what is true and what isn’t soon enough.

    Source: Bank Innovation

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    2014-09-09 05:37 AM