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    Mayo Clinic, a Minnesota-based medical group is expected to be at Apple’s upcoming media event, that is less than an hour away. According to Star Tribute, the group will be presenting how the health app on upcoming iOS 8 will help medical professionals. John Wad, Mayo Clinic’s marketing director stated:

    They got to know us as an organization and we started to have conversations of how we could potentially interact. We didn't exactly know what it was right away but it became this data repository that would allow patients to not only collect the data but then to start to use and understand that data.
    Mayo Clinic and Apple have apparently been working together for two years already. The group is supposedly trying to incentivize healthy lifestyles by looking to consumer-facing health apps. Other health providers Apple have reportedly been in the talks with include Mount Sinai, John Hopkins, Allscrips, and Cleveland Clinic to incorporate HealthKit to their health facilities.

    Be sure to stay tuned for the special event that should be starting in no time.

    Source: Star Tribute

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    2014-09-09 06:41 PM