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    Apple’s SVP Angela Ahrendts has received much attention lately after leaving the fashion industry as Burberry’s CEO to join the team over at Apple. She is currently in charge of running operations for Apple’s Retail Stores as well as Online stores. We reported just earlier that she was on board with helping Sydney’s flagship Apple Store launch the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices early Friday morning local time. High expectations are also coming from her as the company will be launching its first wearable device, the Apple Watch, sometime in 2015.

    Just as all this attention is shining down on Ahrendts, Fortune has put on her on their list of 2014’s ‘Most Powerful Women in Business.' According to Fortune:

    Ahrendts may have given up a CEO title when she left Burberry to head Apple’s $20 billion retail operation, but her new role puts her more in the spotlight than ever. At Apple since May, she’s now key to the success of the company’s new watch.
    Angela Ahrendts was ranked number 29 on Fortune’s 2014 list and she’s only been at Apple a couple of months. IBM’s Ginni Rometty tops the charts for Fortune’s list, and also recently tied connections with Apple after sealing a deal in partnering with the company. We wonder how much further up the ranks Ahrendts will go as she continues to do big things at the company.

    Source: Fortune

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    2014-09-19 08:20 AM
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    She looks like she could be Kate Middleton's mom or older sister.

    2014-09-19 01:47 PM