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    According to a recent report from Reuters, a US judge recently ruled in Apple’s favor in the litigation filed against the company by Canadian patent licensing company WiLan. The news was received from a public statement that was issued by the judge. For those of you who didn’t know, Apple was being sued for violating two LTE patents held by WiLan. A recent summary judgment from Judge Dana Sabraw ruled that the patents were invalid and note infringed.

    The company said the following in a statement regarding the matter:

    WiLan has been advised that Judge Dana M. Sabraw has issued a ruling today that grants Apple’s motion for summary judgment.
    That being said, the company still has a separate case against Apple in the same court for five other claims of LTE patent infringement. The company as a whole, WiLan Inc, primarily makes money from buying intellectual property and then seeking fees from other companies to use it. If they refuse to pay the fees, the company goes to court against them for a larger payout. WiLan’s company stock was down 2.7% on the Toronto Stock Exchange after news of the loss was made public.

    It should be noted that this isn’t exactly the firm time that Apple has faced WiLan Inc in the courtroom. The Cupertino California company was sued back in 2007 for over WiFi issues, back in 2010 for Bluetooth issues, and in 2011 for WiFi and HSPA patents which grouped Apple with other tech companies including Dell, HP, HTC, Kyocera, Novatel and Sierra Wireless.

    Source: Reuters

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    2014-10-02 11:22 PM