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    A new aerial photo has been recently released in regards to the progression of Apple’s new spaceship shaped campus, the Apple Campus 2. The second campus is located in the City of Cupertino, where Apple is already based currently. From the released photo, it seems like the foundation of the circular main building is close to completion. The workers do construction throughout the weekdays as well as weekends, hence the fast paced progression in the last few weeks. It has been reported that many roads have been blocked off around the campus, which is causing some traffic in the area.

    Over the weekend, another drone footage had been released of the campus giving everyone an idea of what’s going on during construction. But the city itself was who released the updated photo just recently. The actual Apple Campus 2 is set to be completed fully sometime towards the end of 2016, with street utilities done by the end of 2014 and earthwork until 2015 Q2. The second campus will be located very closely to the company’s first and current campus and is set to house a 100,000 sq. foot fitness center, 120,000 sq. foot auditorium, accommodate 2,400 cars, and be 2.8 million sq. foot in size.


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    2014-10-06 07:34 PM