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    It has been reported by that Apple Service Providers in Greece will start supplying service for Beats headphones and speakers in the country soon. A picture of an internal memo sent to Greece Apple Service Providers was released to integrate post-sales support on Beats devices. This means that Apple is also expected to provide service soon in Apple retail stores (which is well over 100+ countries). The Cupertino company acquired Beats Music a couple of months ago and is slowly integrating it into Apple.

    This next move makes perfect sense as Beats is now a part of Apple and all Apple retail stores offer their devices, ranging from the popular headphones to the speaker systems. Rumors have also been circulating that Apple plans on removing all Bose products from its retail stores. This was after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined $10,000 for wearing Beats headphones after a game during a press conference.

    If you didn’t already know, Bose is the new sponsor for the NFL and has banned all football players and coaches from wearing any non-Bose related headphones in front of cameras, pregame and up to 90 minutes post game. This is definitely hard as athletes are a major market for Beats headphones. Many were (and still are) seen owning multiple different pairs while warming up and tuning out ‘distractions’ before a game in many of the company’s commercials.

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    2014-10-14 10:41 PM