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    Microsoft recently unveiled three new tools for developers in Office 365 APIs, open-source SDKs and access to the Office 365 app launcher, which can be used to access the company’s cloud-based productivity platform for deep iOS app integration.

    According to technical product management team leader, Arpan Shah, the new capabilities will allow developers to integrate Office 365 features into their apps in an easier way. The assets are an opportunity for the company to build out extensibility across multiple platforms. When it comes to the iOS side, developers will also be seeing support for Objective-C. Support for Apple’s Swift programming language is said to be coming soon.

    During the reveal, Shah offered some examples in which an iOS reservations app integrated the new APIs and cross-checked an Office 365 calendar. Another example allowed users to schedule meetings and send out notifications to contacts stored in their Office 365 directories. Some developers already appear to be working on integration including Web-based utility, If This Then That (IFTTT), which plans to roll in Office 365 mail, contacts, calendar and file APIs in the coming weeks.

    The upcoming features will be for the most part, transparent for consumers though the need for logging into Office 365 cloud accounts on a per-app basis will remain. The feature according to Shah will be similar to that of Facebook’s login button. Are any of you excited about the functionality this will be opening up in the near future?

    Developers can access the new APIs, SDKs and any support material regarding the matter on Microsoft’s website.

    Source: Microsoft Office (Dev Center) via AppleInsider

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    2014-10-29 01:40 AM
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    Office 365 users now have unlimited data storage on OneDrive too. OneDrive kills pretty much any other cloud platform I've used to be honest.
    2014-10-29 05:32 AM