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    We announced a few days ago that Apple was teaming up with Product Red this year for Black Friday. As Black Friday is now over, the Cupertino-based company will be changing its iconic white Apple logo to a bright red color in honor of World AIDS Day and its partnership with Product Red. This means that the typical white apple hanging outside retail stores will be turned into red to help fight against AIDS. It has been reported that Australian Apple Retail Stores have already changed the color of the logo as it is already December 1st local time.

    The company was giving out (Red) iTunes gift cards to those who purchased qualifying products in store and online for Black Friday this year. Apple also announced that on World AIDS Day (December 1st), a percentage of sales from all products purchased in store and online will be donated. Apparently, Apple has a partnership with app developers as well and will be donating a portion of in-app sales to the cause too.

    It seems like Apple is really pushing awareness for World AIDS Day this year and is definitely making it apparent that they want to help the Product Red charity organization.

    Source: World Aids Day
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