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    It has been reported by MacRumors that nine new Flyover locations have been added to Apple Maps in iOS and OS X, as well as additional Siri support for international movie times. The new locations for Apple Maps include three areas in France and popular spots in Arkansas, Arizona, New Zealand, Sweden, and Wyoming. Users can now view the new areas in 3D and get a closer look by zooming in on landmarks and buildings.

    The nine newly added Flyover coverage are as follows:

    - Avignon, France
    - Biarritz, France
    - Perpignan, France
    - Devil's Tower, Wyoming
    - Dunedin, New Zealand
    - Grand Canyon, Arizona
    - Meteor Crater, Arizona
    - Royal Gorge, Arkansas
    - Visby, Sweden
    Flyover currently works for over 100 locations around the world, and was first introduced by Apple in iOS 6. As for Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, more international locations have been added to have movie showtimes support. The countries include France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Mexico, and Germany.

    Source: MacRumors

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    2014-12-07 08:59 AM