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    Monday afternoon, Apple released a security update for the Network Time Protocol for OS X users. The update is intended for users of OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks, and OS X Mountain Lion.

    Apple mentions in the update information that this update will fix a critical security issue in the software for OS X users that provides Network Time Protocol service. The update is also recommended for all users so that they can keep their machines secure from any vulnerabilities that could put them at risk.

    Apple also puts a bold reminder to "install this update as soon as possible," emphasizing the urgency to do so.

    The update can be had from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store application on all supported Mac OS X machines.

    Sources: Mac App Store
    2014-12-22 11:47 PM
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    Since this is a security update it may install automatically. If you don't see it in App Store update you can check to see what version you have by using terminal so you can see if it already installed:

    what /usr/sbin/ntpd
    The versions that should be installed are:

    Mountain Lion: ntp-77.1.1
    Mavericks: ntp-88.1.1
    Yosemite: ntp-92.5.1
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    2014-12-23 04:42 AM