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    Apple recently announced their ‘Mystery Bag’ or ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion for Japan, also known as a ‘Fukubukuro’. It is a New Years tradition in Japan where a bag is filled with a variety of products for customers at a much cheaper price compared to the usual. Consumers typically save hundreds of dollars during this promotion. The Cupertino-based company posted the terms and conditions for the Lucky Bags promo onto the Japanese Apple Store website and noted that it will begin on January 2, 2015. Japanese blog Kodawarisan also stated that many Apple retail locations in Japan will be opening up two hours earlier than usual for this event.

    Customers who participate in Japan’s Fukubukuro never know what’s inside the grab bags because they are always sealed shut. But almost always, the Lucky Bags are filled with popular and sometimes even expensive products. The combined value of everything inside the bags are also always worth more than the price customers paid. Apple also participated in the event last year and had four different packages, each costing about $343 USD at the time (which equated to about 36,000 Yen). Products like the iPad Air, 11-inch MacBook Airs, and first generation iPad Minis were included in some of the bags. Apple has not announced pricing for this year yet.

    Those who are in Japan and are interested in participating in this year’s Fukubukuro will only be able to purchase these bags at brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. Products received that are defective can be returned and consumers are only limited to one grab bag a day. Again, the event kicks off on January 2, 2015 at 8a.m. for those who are participating in it.

    Source: Apple, Kodawarisan

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    2014-12-28 12:15 AM