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    It has been reported that Apple is looking to improve the iAd platform, specifically the service in Latin America. According to Forbes, the Cupertino-based company has partnered up with Miami’s Internet Media Services to help with Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries. According to Forbes,

    "Apple has finally decided to make it happen in Latin America," IMS Chief Executive Gastůn Taratuta reportedly said. "Considering how much the smartphone penetration is constantly growing in the region, they see an interesting opportunity."
    IMS had partnered up with other companies like Spotify and Twitter previously to help grow their brand in Latin America. The report claims that due to the partnership, IMS top clients from Mexico, Miami, and Brazil will be joining the struggling iAd platform. Towards the end of last year, iAd was launched in 70 new countries. With the addition of 70 new countries, the total number of active regions was 95.

    The Cupertino-based company recently decided to offer automated iAd sales as well to help with mobile advertising. It definitely seems like Apple is looking to push the platform as it is still on the rocks.

    Source: Forbes

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    2015-01-14 07:20 PM