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    Today’s episode of CNBC’s Squawk Box featured CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich. He spoke about the PC sales and disappointing Q1 forecast of the company, along with answering questions about recent rumors of Apple dropping Intel chips from Macs. Betsy Quick, CNBC’s anchor asked Krzanich about the Cupertino-based company using its own processors and therefore no long using Intel’s chips. However, the Intel CEO did not reveal any information on its future partnership plans with Apple except for saying it’s a strong one. According to Krzanich,

    I just hear the same rumors. Our relationship with Apple is strong and their products are great. Apple is always going to choose the supplier who can provide them the most amount of capability in innovation for them to build on, for them to innovate. They're a company based on innovation. Our job is to continue to deliver parts that have that capability give them that, that are better than our competitors. And then they want to use our parts. So I wake up every morning making sure that across the board, whether it's Apple or Lenovo or Dell or any of our customers -- we have to provide the most competitive part: performance, price, reliability, all of those.
    KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave predictions that the Cupertino-based company has plans on releasing ARM-based Macs in the next few years. In this case, the Intel chips currently found in the company’s Macs would have to be replaced with A-series chips. Previous reports claimed that Apple has had its eyes on ARM-based computers for a long time coming and that they have plans on making Mac Minis, iMacs, and 13-inch laptop models with these processors. We will just have to wait and see what Apple's partnership with Intel will look like in the upcoming years.

    Source: CNBC

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    2015-01-16 08:25 PM
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    I think Ap[ple has a strong enough user base and suite of consumer-level apps to try to go with arm-based PCs.

    Having said that, I think they should still maintain an intel-based line, but maintaining both may be difficult.
    2015-01-16 11:42 PM
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    I don't believe this will happen. They would have to throw out Boot Camp, and other virtualization applications also wouldn't work for many programmers, losing Apple money.
    2015-01-18 05:23 AM