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    Apple just recently released iOS 8.3 beta 2 and the second OS X 10.10.3 preview to developers. The company is on a roll and decided to share Xcode 6.3 beta 2 on the iOS and Mac Developer Center recently as well. The most up to date version of Xcode has a new crash log reporting feature that tells developers the problem experienced on apps.

    The new crash log reporting system is not only beneficial to the developer but to the consumer as well. With the new feature, users will have better quality experience and app performance, meanwhile developers will be able to find the problem more quickly and easily. When Apple acquired analytics service TestFlight last year, the company also announced the new feature at WWDC.

    Developers are still waiting for the launch of TestFlight analytics features in the App Store, even though Apple has already launched its own TestFlight app beta. Xcode 6.3 will have the addition of crash log reports and distributing features.

    Source: Apple

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    2015-02-24 08:55 AM