1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar

    On Thursday, Apple began sending invites to developers and other important folks about its upcoming 'Spring Forward'-themed Apple Event on March 9th.

    As the name implies, we can assume the Apple Watch will most certainly be unveiled at the event along with pricing information, availability information, and the likes; some reports go as far as to say that some new MacBooks, such as the MacBook Air refresh, could be announced at this event.

    iOS 8.2 is also expected to drop on or before this event, as well as some additional awesome software and/or software updates. iOS 8.2 has been in beta for a long while, with beta 5 being the most recent. A golden master or public release is expected soon.

    Will you be Springing Forward? Hopefully you will be, because March 9th is a day after daylight savings!

    Sources: The Loop
    2015-02-26 07:26 PM
  2. fleurya's Avatar
    Just bought a refurb '13 MBP w/ retina display from their site. I'm wondering it I might be able to get a '14 model for the same price after this event if they announce a MBP line refresh. I might have to take it back before the 14-day return period is up and see what I can get on/after the 9th.
    2015-02-26 09:30 PM