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    After having just reported that Apple’s upcoming wearable device has been featured on UK’s Style magazine, Hong Kong’s lifestyle and street fashion magazine East Touch has also been reported to showcase the Apple Watch. This publication’s March edition features various models wearing the Apple Watch in different lifestyle photos in a multi-page spread. The Cupertino-based company has already advertised the wearable device in the U.S., China, France, U.K, and now Hong Kong.

    The various models in the magazine are wearing the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport interwoven with different colored bands. More information regarding the wearable device should be announced at Apple’s upcoming ‘Spring Forward’ event on Match 9th. Although pricing has not yet been confirmed, UK’s Style magazine did list $349 as one of the prices.

    Apple also has plans to open pop-up shops at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Selfridges in London, and other department stores in Europe. The pop up shops will allow shoppers to have a personalized experience in learning more about the smartwatch and the different versions and styles it comes in.

    Source: East Touch
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    I think you mean +OUCH

    Third or fourth gen Apple watch will be the one to get. It's just too thick - it'll constantly snag on one's sleeve.

    Also, what's with the silly hats this guy is wearing?
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