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    Apple seems to have taken the Overall Product Placement Title in Brandchannelís Brandcameo Product Placement Awards after a three-year gap. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the awards, Brandchannel seeks to highlight the companies that were most often inserted into Hollywood movies. According to Brandchannel, Apple products ended up appearing in 9 out of 35 movies which topped the US weekend box office in 2014. As a result, the Cupertino California company ended up beating out Sony and Coca-Cola by a single film.

    The references for the product placements range from movies such as The Lego Movie to extended Apple Store scenes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Other blockbusters that Apple products were included in include: Ride Along, The Fault in Our Stars and Gone Girl. That being said, Apple products also ended up making their way into movies that fell below the first-place threshold as well including Birdman, Sabotage, Sex Tape and Tusk. Prior to this yearís award, Apple previously won in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    For those of you who didnít know, product placement in films, television and other media tend to be controversial. Although placements help to pay for movies that cost tends or even hundreds of millions of dollars, critics note that it sometimes distracts from the plot or in some cases steers it into a different direction. In fact, Brandchannel gave its latest Worst Product Placement award to Appleís Beats brand for Transformers: Age of Extinction where a character was able to produce virtually anything with his mind and ends up choosing to create a Beats Pill speaker (really?!).

    Source: Brandchannel

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    2015-03-05 08:01 AM
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    They didn't give worst placement to TMNT with that Skype call?

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