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    According to a recent report, Apple’s iAd division appears to be looking to reinvigorate sales by allowing third-party agencies to provide demographic targeting information to advertisers including the matching of phone numbers, emails and other data. The news comes from Apple’s iAd division partner party which was thrown at the W hotel in Barcelona, Spain despite Apple not officially taking part in this year’s Mobile World Congress conference.

    Executives from the Cupertino California company reportedly outlined the new initiative which happens to be similar to Facebook’s ad targeting practices, which matches data from ad providers with anonymized user information and other useful metrics. By providing these data matching capabilities, Apple will be addressing a major complaint from ad agencies which were looking for more open targeting policies.

    As of right now, iAd looks to user data relating geography, purchase history and media interests but stops short of providing more detailed information in the form of analytics. It was noted that some of the advertisers pay up to $10 for app install ads on iAd which for those of you who didn’t know is double the price of Facebook’s most expensive tier. With Apple’s reach and consumer base though, the price may end up being worth the investment.

    This new shift in policy comes in the heels of Apple making a move to stimulate iAd sales. For example, in November, Apple flipped the switch on “programmatic” mobile advertising purchases, which for those of you who didn’t’ know is an automated process for buying and selling ads. The company also rolled iAd advertisements into the iTunes Radio streaming music service last year.

    We’ll have to see if the company’s efforts help bring success to the iAd initiative.

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    2015-03-07 07:19 AM