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    Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray recently claimed in a note to investors that Apple currently has a small team working in and exploring the augmented reality field. He believes that although augmented reality is still a decade away from broader consumer adoption, Apple is preparing for the next evolution in computing. Munster even goes as far as stating that the technology will allow Apple to offer fashionable wearables that people will actually want to wear. The following was said regarding the matter:

    While it is limited, we believe Apple has a small team of engineers exploring augmented reality applications. We believe that at the core, the group is likely trying to understand a wearable interface that design would ultimately make fashionable/socially acceptable. At this point, we believe it is difficult to determine if or when these experiments might yield a product.
    Devices that are the most notable when it comes to being revolutionary but uncomfortable in various situations include the Google Glass. Glass Explorer Edition was quickly banned in several public establishments including movie theaters, casinos, restaurants, hospitals, sports venues, schools, banks and more – mainly because of its ability to discreetly take photos and record videos. Munster remains skeptical about whether Apple will actually push forward with augmented reality in a future product since the company often does research and development on new technologies that are never released to the public.

    For those of you who didn’t know, Apple began letting developers release augmented reality apps on the App Store roughly six years ago. Back in 2011, the Cupertino California company also explored augmented reality for Maps. Nothing else has really come to fruition but we’ll have to wait and see if Apple implemented the technology and how it does so.

    Source: Piper Jaffray via MacRumors

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    2015-03-20 04:21 AM