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    According to new information from the Recording Industry Association of America, music streaming service revenue has overshadowed CD sales in the U.S. CNet noted that the RIAA said 2014’s music streaming service total revenue totaled $1.87 billion, but CD sales dropped to $1.85 billion. Streaming service went up 29% year over year meanwhile sales for CDs dropped 12.7%. Sirius XM, Vevo, and YouTube are all part of the streaming category.

    Apparently 27% of the market accounted for streaming revenue in 2014,- which is up 6% from 21%. Downloads on the other hand decreased from 40% to 37% and CDs, cassettes and vinyl totaled 32% last year. As for paid subscription based streaming, there was a 25% increase to $799 million while ad-supported streaming increased 34% to $295 million.

    iTunes music downloads were a big thing for Apple, but from the looks of everything, they may have to shift towards music streaming as that seems to be the new trend. Do you think Apple will stop releasing tracks to purchase on iTunes and just focus on Beats Music in the future? Share with us in the comments below.

    Source: CNet
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    I don't think they should stop selling tracks, people still want to own the tracks in some form, if just to strip the drm from the AAC files using Sound Taxi. People won't buy whole CDs by artists, but they'll buy individual tracks, and iTunes is still the best place for that.
    2015-03-20 05:41 PM
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    I'd own the music any day over streaming.

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    2015-03-21 12:15 AM