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    Despite a multitude of attempts to revitalize its business in recent years, the struggles go on for BlackBerry, as evidenced by the Canadian company's latest earnings report published Friday.

    When you consider Apple's sales of nearly 75 million iPhones to close out the final quarter of 2014 and tens upon tens of millions of Android devices sold by multiple competing vendors in the same time frame, it's evidence that someone had to be loser in the smartphone wars. And, clearly, it was BlackBerry.

    The company, according to the just-released numbers, sold only 1.6 million smartphones last quarter. Indeed, that's not a good holiday quarter for the company, which sold well over 3 million devices in the same quarter the previous year.

    For BlackBerry, the declines are not only continuing, they seem to be gaining speed. But executives still sound undaunted as they look to the future. And perhaps there's reason for some degree of enthusiasm. After all, the company did enjoy a $20 million profit last quarter while seeing its available cash pile grow to well over $3 billion.

    “Our focus this past year was on getting our financial house in order while creating a multi-year growth strategy and investing in our product portfolio. We now have a very good handle on our margins, and our product roadmaps have been well received,” said Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen. “The second half of our turnaround focuses on stabilization of revenue with sustainable profitability and cash generation.”

    Source: BlackBerry
    2015-03-27 08:47 PM