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    We reported earlier that Jay Z is relaunching music service Tidal and would be competing with Apple Beats, as the popular rap artist will be featuring exclusive albums on the streaming music service. However, new reports are claiming that Jay Z had actually approached Apple exec Jimmy Iovine to collaborate on the project. According to Billboard, the well-known entrepreneur and rap artist spoke with Iovine about Tidal and about joining forces on it. Jay Z told Billboard,

    My thing with Jimmy is, 'Listen, Jimmy; you're Jimmy Iovine, and you're Apple, and truthfully, you're great. You guys are going to do great things with Beats, but ... you know, I don't have to lose in order for you guys to win, and let's just remember that. Again, I'm not angry. I actually told him, 'Yo, you should be helping me. This is for the artist. These are people that you supported your whole life. You know, this is good.'
    It was noted that Iovine tried taking away artists who have already been announced to work with Tidal, by trying to offer them better up front payouts. Jay Z also noted:

    I think that's just his competitive nature, and I don't know if he's looking at the bigger picture: That it's not about me and it's not about him; it's about the future of the music business.
    After seeing the interview Jay Z had with Billboard, it definitely seems like Tidal and Apple Beats will be competing with each other. We think it will most likely come down to which artists Jay Z and Iovine will be reaching out to and who will get to them first. Apparently Jay Z spent a reported $56 million on Tidal back in January and it will be an alternative for artists who are unhappy with streaming music contracts arranged by music labels.

    Who do you think artists will be more likely to sign contracts with? Let us know in the section below.

    Source: Billboard

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    2015-03-31 09:17 AM