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    Apple’s highly anticipated Apple Watch has finally made its first TV commercial debut on Tuesday, during the airing of popular NBC singing show The Voice. This means that in the upcoming weeks leading up to the launch of the wearable device, we will be seeing more and more commercials regarding the product. The advertisement was titled simply ‘Apple Watch’ and was a minute-long airing. Airing it on TV during this prime time hour was definitely a smart move on Apple’s end, as The Voice is one of the highest watched shows on television currently.

    The ad started by showing off the watch’s digital crown, while an instrumental version of Holychild’s ‘Running Behind’ was playing in the background. Then multiple shots of the watch’s interface up close and personal were being advertised, with different bands and combinations. Finally, 20-seconds into the advertisement, Apple shows the different features being offered on the Apple Watch. The commercial ends with tag line ‘The Watch is Coming. 4.24.15’.

    Take a look at the entire commercial below:

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    2015-04-01 05:58 AM
  2. sofakingstewpit's Avatar
    Uhhhhh...I've seen that commercial probably 20+ times on TV at this point. It's been airing for the past three weeks or so.
    2015-04-01 06:17 AM
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    Yeah... I've seen this for weeks too. Didn't they release it at the announcement?

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
    2015-04-01 07:18 AM
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    everyone said the same thing on the same post over at apple insider (which this post was copied from). i saw it on tv the same night as the announcement.
    2015-04-01 03:26 PM
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    Ouch. This is a bit embarrassing. How does a news site about ONLY Apple products mess up this bad? No fact checking anymore? Been disappointed lately in modmyi.
    2015-04-01 04:37 PM
  6. Steiganator's Avatar
    This is so embarrassing. Especially coming from my favorite Apple website. Delete this post for christ sakes you guys look so damn foolish!
    2015-04-01 05:51 PM
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    Perhaps that was the first broadcast network Apple Watch commercial? I saw it on AMC several days ago (possibly weeks).
    2015-04-03 02:00 AM
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    Perhaps that was the first broadcast network Apple Watch commercial? I saw it on AMC several days ago (possibly weeks).
    I only have an antenna and I saw it before then. Not sure which channel, but most likely broadcast.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
    2015-04-03 05:02 AM