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    Moving in secret and dwelling in the shadows of Sunnyvale, California are a group of developers making a daily -- and off the grid -- pilgrimage to Apple's labs to actively tinker with and test their apps on the new Apple Watch before it launches on April 24th.

    Who are the developers? What are their apps? Why are the being bussed around in total secrecy? These are all good questions to which we have unclear answers.

    But according to The Financial Times, a group of about 20 developers all chosen by Apple are brought in daily to work on their apps. We're told, security is extremely tight around the developers who are even monitored under some big time surveillance while they are present at Apple.

    "Developers say the technical and creative challenge is greater than when they had to rejig their iPhone apps for the iPad five years ago, due to the Watch’s tiny screen and control scheme," the report notes in providing an explanation for why so many developers are toiling with their apps on Apple grounds this close to the launch of Apple Watch.

    Beginning this Friday, prospective Apple Watch buyers can preorder the device and even test it out in store. You can bet that some of the apps being perfected in recent days will be demonstrated in stores as part of that process.

    Source: FT
    2015-04-06 07:39 PM