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    Apple may not seem like a company that needs any more PR, but when it comes to getting the word out about Apple Watch, the company isn't taking any chances.

    Consequently, just in the past month, Apple has dropped a small fortune on TV ads and commercial time to show off Apple Watch and hopefully endear consumers to Apple's first release in the wearables product category.

    Given the overwhelming demand that's been observed for Apple Watch on the opening day of preorders, perhaps the ad campaign blitz worked its intended magic.

    "Since showing off the watch at a March 9 event, Apple has spent $38 million on its 'Watch Reimagined' television campaign, according to figures from iSpot.tv, which tracks U.S. TV ads and digital responses in real time," Reuters reported Thursday.

    In comparison, Apple has only spent $42 million in the last five months on TV ads for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

    Source: Reuters
    2015-04-10 06:04 PM