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    Apple's new 2015 MacBook is what Apple deems the "future of the company's notebook computers," and as such, it comes with a variety of new features, such as a re-invented keyboard design, a force-touch multi-touch track pad, a new USB-C connection, a new form-fitting terraced Li-Ion battery design, and much more.

    As is typical of a new release, the guys over at iFixit have managed to get their hands on a unit early and have delved into tearing the shiny new machine into pieces... very small, proprietary pieces.

    The latest tear-down highlights most of the new features of the new 2015 MacBook. After getting the case open, the team reveals the new terraced battery design that allows for more battery mass inside of the new ultra-thin notebook. It also shows off the seriously tiny logic board that has been shrunken down to about 67% of that of the MacBook Air logic board.

    Below, we can see the battery in all of its glory, which was pasted down with all of that nasty battery glue that Apple is known for:

    And here's the logic board, which by itself, is almost no bigger than an iPhone 5. We can see that the memory, storage, and Intel Core M CPU are all soldered into the logic board, so if any are in need of a replacement, you'll need a brand new logic board.

    iFixit also took a close look at the force-touch track pad and the new butterfly keyboard mechanism:

    iFixit notes that the butterfly keyboard mechanism is still nice and easy to pop off for replacement purposes.

    There are a ton of new cable styles in the new MacBook that iFixit notes are a lot like the iPad in many ways. A lot of pain-in-the-butt small ribbon cables and hidden cable connectors underneath the logic board, such as the one for the battery, make repairing this new MacBook a real job for not just anyone.

    The new 2015 MacBook unsurprisingly received a very low 1 out of 10 repairability score, with 1 being the lowest you can receive and 10 being the highest. The low score is attributed to all of the proprietary screws, the tricky cable routing, the difficulty of servicing the USB-C port, the large amount of glue used to hold the battery in place, the fused display & glass, and having every single one of its main computing components soldered to the logic board.

    Hopefully if you ever need one of these things serviced, you'll just take it to the Apple Store instead of trying to attempt a repair by yourself.

    Sources: iFixit
    2015-04-15 05:25 PM
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    Obviously all these compact components and unremovable **** is all because of the battery. They had to make space it and the only possibility was to shrink the components.

    Hopefully, one day, the opposite will happen smaller yet more efficient batteries and thus make user manipulable components.
    2015-04-15 06:14 PM
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    The future of Apple's notebook is to make it as iPad-like as possible without actually being an iPad.
    2015-04-15 06:37 PM
  4. StuG III's Avatar
    The future of Apple's notebook is to make it as iPad-like as possible without actually being an iPad.
    It's really annoying, laptops should be mobile desktops with an emphasis on performance and battery life. Or at least in my opinion.
    2015-04-18 05:48 AM