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    Even though celebrities Pharrell Williams, Drake, and Katy Perry have shown the world their Apple Watch Edition before the general public can get their hands on one, designer Karl Lagerfeld was gifted a custom gold Apple Watch Edition with a gold link bracelet by Apple. Lagerfeld's assistant and bodyguard Sebastien Jondeau posted a picture onto Instagram showcasing Lagerfeld's ‘specially made’ yellow gold Apple Watch with a special yellow gold link bracelet. Lagerfeld made an appearance at French Parisian boutique Colette when the wearable device was first revealed to the public.

    For those who don’t know, Lagerfeld is a popular and well-known designer who is the head of Fendi and Chanel. He also has his own fashion house that he is in charge of. Currently, the Space Gray and Silver stainless steel Apple Watches have a link bracelet but the gold one does not. However, since Apple was able to make a custom gold link bracelet, it could mean that the company may make it available to the public sometime in the future as an option.

    Source: Instagram via Bentoub

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2015-04-16 06:00 AM
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    I know it's gold, but it look ugly for me...
    2015-04-16 06:35 AM
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    What's with the Glove does he think he is the late Michael Jackson.
    2015-04-16 04:01 PM