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    When you look at where Apple is today in comparison to where it was four years ago when Tim Cook first became CEO, it's difficult to find any facet of Apple's business or reputation that isn't drastically improved.

    For Cook, it's no small feat, particularly given the shoes he was compelled to fill when Steve Jobs relinquished his position at the helm of Apple just months before his passing in 2011. All told, given how much Cook has brought to the company and how little he has taken from it, Tim Cook may very well be the best executive steal in the business world.

    "Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook has the best pay-for-performance rating of any chief executive officer on the Bloomberg Pay Index, the first daily ranking of the highest-paid U.S. executives," today's report reads, noting that he was paid just over $65.2 million in 2014.

    The 54-year-old’s awarded pay package, which makes him the 17th-highest paid U.S. executive, is dwarfed by Apple’s three-year average economic profit of $28.6 billion, the index shows.

    While many executive paydays are much higher, most of their companies aren't growing at a pace anywhere near that of Apple's. So for what he's paid, Apple CEO Tim Cook may truly be the best CEO and the most economical leader in the tech world today.

    Source: Bloomberg
    2015-04-17 08:53 PM