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    Apple's growth isn't just a win for Apple. Success gets spread around very quickly in the mobile arena. Just as the folks at Sony.

    On Thursday, Reuters reported in detail that Sony will have much to show for Apple's growing appetite for camera sensors. Executives for the Japanese consumer electronics maker now believe that operating profit will quadruple (at least) just this year.

    "Sony has reshaped itself to target expansion in lucrative new areas such as sensors used in cameras for popular devices like Apple Inc's iPhones," today's report reads.

    While it's no secret that the opportunities in mobile technology are so vast and compelling that they often lead to rivals working with one another (like Apple and Samsung), reports like those from execs at Sony quickly remind us why putting aside rivalries for the sake of big business is very, very good for everyone involved.

    This time, it's Sony that gets to enjoy a bottom-line boost following a protracted length of time marked by significant financial loses in the TV and mobile phone markets.

    Source: Reuters
    2015-04-30 07:23 PM