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    After Apple’s recent decision to drop two of the general contractors, DPR and Skanska, from its Campus 2 construction, two of the other construction firms on the project, Rudolph & Sletten and Holder Construction, seemed to have stepped in to fill in the gap. Previously Rudolph & Sletten were handling work on the interior of the new complex while Holder was taking care of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing infrastructure.

    Information regarding DPR and Skanska being dropped was revealed earlier in the month. Skanska’s US chief, Richard Cavallaro, explained that the issue was caused by a disagreement “during negotiations for the revised scope of work.” As a result, the Swedish firm is currently set to lose out on $800 million in revenue over the Campus 2 deal. The disruption could ultimately result in serious ramifications for Apple’s Campus 2 project though, which was previously already delayed by one year and over budget by $2 billion.

    As of right now, completion of the project is scheduled for late 2016 but a further delay into 2017 could be a possibility. When the project is finished though, Campus 2 will be housing roughly 12,000 workers in a ring that occupies 2.8 million square feet. To lessen its environmental footprint in such a large structure, Apple is installing solar panels and developing much of its space to trees and other landscaping.

    We’ll have to wait and see how the project turns out.

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    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2015-06-18 10:26 AM
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    In that picture it looks like they are just digging a giant moat to fill with murky water and alligators. And that is certainly a drawbridge on the right side to get over the moat.
    2015-06-18 11:06 PM