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    A growing number of Retina MacBook Pro owners appear to be calling for Apple to replace or repair their laptops recently after discovering what appears to be damage to the antireflective screen coating layer, a problem that was been given the name “staingate.” The problems cause splotches, streaks and other anomalies to the surface of the display, all of which are attributed to faults in the antireflective coating that has been applied to the Retina display surface. As of right now, the origin of the “staining” is unknown, though some are speculating a combination of high humidity and over cleaning as being the contributing factors.

    Based on pictures that were posted to and its related Facebook community the issue surfaces when a screen comes into contact with foreign objects like keyboard keys or a user’s fingers. The stains seem to appear especially in corners and areas where the screen is likely to be touched. As a reference, many affected MacBooks exhibit streaking near the FaceTime camera, which is an area that is often touched and cleaned when opening the laptop. The severe cases show damage across the whole screen.

    It isn’t clear as to the number of MacBooks that seem to be suffering from “staingate” issues but it does appear that the issue is limited to recent-generation MacBook Pro with Retina display models, especially those built in 2013.
    The Cupertino California company has yet to recognize the problem officially but reportedly told members of that it is “cosmetic damage and not covered by the warranty.” Repairing the screen out of warranty can come in at roughly $800 depending on the screen size, an amount which can be hefty for anyone.

    Some of the affected users did start a petition roughly five months ago in hopes of rallying enough support to force Apple into action. Currently the petition is just under 600 participants shy of the 2,500 signature goal. The law firm, Whitfield Bryson & Mason seems to have also reached out to the Staingate Facebook Community in an effort to explore the group’s legal options as well.

    Apple previously faced similar issues with early 2011 MacBook Pro failures, which ended up being linked to malfunctioning discrete GPUs. After ignoring several calls to fix the growing problem, Apple was hit with a class-action lawsuit before initiating a repair extension program in February.

    We’ll have to see what comes of this whole ordeal.

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    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2015-07-13 07:31 PM
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    Weird, I've got a last 2013 MBPr with no issues or signs of issues like this. Wonder what causes it too look that bad.
    2015-07-13 09:34 PM