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    This morning we noted that U.S. electronics retail chain Best Buy began accepting Apple TV preorders and Apple started the same thing a few days ago. Now, 9to5Mac has reported that the 4th generation set-top box will be available in Apple Retail Stores beginning Friday, October 30th. Apparently the news comes from Apple Retail employees.

    This date is likely to be true as those who preordered the tablet from Apple’s website and chose one-day shipping will receive it on October 30th. According to Apple employees, they will be reconfiguring Apple Retail Stores overnight on Thursday so they can heavily promote the new set-top box. The stores are apparently supposed to receive shipments by the end of the week.

    We noted this morning that those who preordered the new device are beginning to see their status updated to ‘Preparing for Shipment.’ As for Best Buy preorders, the Apple TV is set to ship out on November 4th or consumers have the option of picking the device up in-store on the same day. Those interested can purchase the 32GB version for just $149 or the larger 64GB version for $50 more at $199.

    Source: 9to5Mac

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2015-10-28 11:11 PM
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    Ordered mine and have a Nov. 3-5 ship date. Always annoying to pre-order, but get the product after it hits stores. May pick one up and then return the one that comes in the mail.
    2015-10-30 12:23 AM