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    Itís holiday shopping season and we are definitely already being offered some good deals on many products. Another product to join the list of discounted offers is the Apple Watch over at Best Buy. The popular electronics company announced that they are now offering $100 off the wearable device. Models included in this promotion include the Apple Watch Sport and stainless steel models.

    This deal will be offered for a limited time and it is suggested that if youíre interested to get on the promotion soon before it is gone. As of right now, this price is unbeatable and is the lowest being offered. Some will find that there is a similar sale going on at B&H.

    Due to this new promo, customers will be able to purchase the Apple Watch for as little as $249 for the 38mm model and as little as $299 for the 42mm Sport version. When buying either product, Best Buy will also be offering free shipping on any of the products you pick up this holiday season.

    Source: Best Buy

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    2015-12-10 03:17 PM